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Focusing on the new concept of the “online persona”, VU provides robust identity verification methods for users, enabling a more holistic authentication paradigm.

By combining cybersecurity controls with geolocation, biometrics and machine learning-based user behavior analysis, VU enables a seamless authentication process where the user is viewed as a whole, rather than a set of credentials.

It currently delivers secure and frictionless digital experiences to more than 350 million people worldwide.

Discover VU’s cybersecurity products:

• (C)IAM, which enables secure and frictionless management of the entire digital lifecycle of collaborators, suppliers and customers.

• Digital Identity, which prevents phishing, pharming and identity theft attacks with a multi-factor authentication, biometrics and credential management system for internal and external users.

• Fraud Prevention & AML, which analyzes user behavior to create intelligent profiles and provide warning signals when a transaction is out of the usual parameters.

Other cybersecurity solutions