One Single, Multi-Segment, Multi-Channel Technology Partner that can Permeate the Whole Market

How does Lidera add value to your business?

Extensive experience in all segments (enterprise, SME and residential), and in all channels (service providers, distributors, consultants, MSSPs and Telco’s), has made Lidera the perfect partner to permeate the whole market.

Expertise and reputation in local markets

Expertise and reputation in local markets:

Almost 20 years of knowledge and experience in the Spanish, Portuguese and Latin American markets, backed-up by the trust of our 9’000 resellers and their successful projects, makes us your perfect choice to adapt and launch your technologies in these markets.

Proactive attitude and continuous market development

Proactive attitude and continuous market development:

A proactive attitude to generate demand, recruitment and commitment of distributors and the positioning of products in the market.

World-class technical support

World-class technical support:

We have a premium technical service to implement IT solutions and solve first-line incidents. In addition, our support service can also address queries and provide pre- and post-sales service. We offer you the technical service you require so that your products can be successfully developed and launched in the market.

Ability to adapt and grow

Ability to adapt and grow:

We adapt technologies and their utilization models according to the requirements of the local markets and accompany our vendors on their growth journey.

Extra premium services

Extra premium services:

We complement and add value to the vendors’ products, adapting them to the needs of every partner. During market launches, we add pre-sales service, logistics, training and support.

Your business and technology accelerator. Are you a startup? We want to be your partner.

We have extensive knowledge of market models, distribution channels, product marketing and sales that offer start-ups a solid launching pad for their entry into the markets of Spain, Portugal, Colombia and Brazil. Lidera is committed to launching emerging technologies and disruptive start-ups into the market and has a dedicated support area with the following value-add services:

  • Strategic marketing consultancy, product marketing, pricing strategies, and market distribution channels.
  • Support during the development of documentation relating to business agreements and distribution.
  • Communicating and promoting emerging technologies as well as creating partner networks to help you grow.
  • Designing, carrying out and monitoring sales and marketing campaigns to generate demand.
  • Outsourcing of teams as well as sales and technical capabilities, which allow you to permeate markets without having to invest your own resources.
  • Financing options for startups with limited resources to help with project development and to facilitate market entry.

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