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How does Lidera add value to your business?

Top-quality, flexible and modular services are used throughout the whole sales cycle. This increases the benefits to the customer and ensures successful projects are carried by our partners. Add to this continuous guidance, a premium technical support service as well as pre-sales and delivery capabilities and you will see why Lidera is the perfect partner.

Support for business creation

Support for business creation:

Your business is our business. This is why we have a team of experts that focus on generating demand and develop extensive marketing and sales models with our partners.

Service layer with maximum value and quality

Service layer with maximum value and quality:

Continuously guiding suppliers and being flexible to their needs. The quality of our service comes first: we only offer services that add value and benefit our customers.

First-line technical support

First-line technical support:

Certified personnel for product installation and technical personnel for pre- and post-sales will support you all the way. In addition, we offer technical support services for first-line incidents.

Training and advice throughout the whole sales process

Training and advice throughout the whole sales process:

From creating demand to providing assistance when dealing with vendors, we fill in all the gaps, so every project becomes a success story. We provide all of this, as well as constant training for our partners and the end customer.

Trust relationships

Trust relationships:

We build strong and long-lasting relationships that allow our customers to increase future benefits and we are the touch point where all consumer and partner relationships take place with absolute transparency.

SaaS for SMB and Residential - Managed Services.

SaaS for SMB and Residential – Managed Services

Lidera has a single, integrated partner services platform for the management of licenses, technical support and incident resolution. Through this service we offer you the possibility to provide your customers with powerful and innovative cybersecurity technologies through a SaaS model, as well as the possibility of remote management.

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