Services that provide real value and strengthen the success of your project

Lidera offers training, technical and financing services combined with thorough marketing strategies to provide solutions that meet the different needs of its partners. A team of more than 50 first-line experts assist with the continuous learning of our customers. They tackle every project rigorously in order to bring about a successful outcome, in a timely manner and to add concrete value to your offering.

Through these services, our partners receive all the knowledge and support they need in order to increase their business opportunities, overcome resource limitations and increase the cost-effectiveness of their technology projects.

We offer a solid support foundation based on the excellence of our services, our flexibility and support during implementation and the transparency of our daily communications.

Lidera offers training, technical and financing services combined with thorough marketing strategies to provide solutions that meet the different needs of its partners.
The key to our success: specialized training of our business network, first-line technical support, a proactive attitude and continuous market development.
End-to-end technical support

End-to-end technical support

We have a premium technical service consisting of qualified professionals to implement IT solutions and solve first-line incidents. In addition, our support service can also address queries and provide pre- and post-sales service.
A team of professionals with certifications in commercial products as well as extensive experience in the design and deployment of products will guide you throughout the development and implementation process, in order to get your desired short-term results.

  • Pre-sales service and support
  • Project consultancy and deployment
  • Post-sales support
  • First-line technical support
Proactive business development

Proactive business development

A proactive attitude always leads to increased business opportunities and customer satisfaction. Lidera proactively strives to generate demand and create product positioning. We can help you increase sales with marketing campaigns, incentive programs and developing channel marketing strategies. We also help with special marketing events that create business as well as an endless list of support that strengthens demand and adds additional value.

On-going training

On-going training

Lidera gives special importance to the continuous training of its team, always ensuring that they are certified in the technologies available. In order to get the best results, it is essential that our partners know about the latest technologies. This is why we offer continuous training throughout the entire sales process as well as certification courses for your team and your client’s team.

Flexible financing services

Flexible financing services

The integration and development of IT projects requires a financial commitment that is not within the reach of all of our partners. We offer financing solutions so that your projects don’t have to suffer. In addition, we have licensing options to suit the needs of all of our partners.

Clients, licensing and services management platform

All your customers’ information in one single platform: Licensing and services management

Lidera offers one single platform for partner services, managing IT licenses and solutions, technical support and incident resolution. More than 1,000 resellers enjoy the advantages of the service platform that allows them to manage the catalog of every customer as well as knowing the state of their licenses. It also has the ability to run usage reports and to take on the management of these services, thereby ensuring greater loyalty and customer satisfaction.

We have the solution

Marketplace and partnerinformation and training portal

Lidera’s partner application allows you to purchase our products online. You also have access to up-to-date product information and sales support. With the partner application you have access to promotions and you can also view and sign up for the commercial and technical training calendar.

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Marketplace and partnerinformation and training portal.