Cutting-edge technologies aimed at optimizing and increasing cost-efficiency for your customers

Our products have undergone a rigorous selection process, so we can offer our partners the most innovative portfolio.

At Lidera we supplement and highlight our vendors’ technologies making them more attractive and cost-effective for our partners, so that you can achieve customer loyalty while bolstering your business. All of our solutions are carefully selected, and we always keep in mind the overall quality of the offering, so that our customers get the best possible competitive advantage.

Lidera, your partner for ICT solutions
The result is a portfolio of innovative, tried and tested, guaranteed and personalized technologies, based on the specific demands of each project and meets the storage and network needs of our distribution clients.
  • Virtualization and Data Center
  • Storage
  • Backup solutions
  • Identity management
  • Automation, QA and Productivity
  • Network solutions
  • High Performance Networks
  • Wireless networks / WiFi
  • Home Networking
  • Video supervision

Improve your customers’ communications and infrastructure with our range of IT solutions

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Innovative IT, tailor-made for your channel.

Differentiate yourself from your competitors with our channel services and a flexible technology distribution model. A rigorous selection of vendors who work with the distribution of IT technologies in Spain and Portugal.

Lidera, EnGenius distributor
Lidera, Hi Sharp distributor
Lidera, Kaseya distributor
Lidera, NComputing distributor
Lidera, Netgear distributor
Lidera, Stonet distributor
Lidera, Sage distributor
Lidera, Salicru distributor
Cybersecurity technology