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How does Lidera add value to your business?

Robust, effective and emerging technologies that add innovation and increase cost-efficiency. We offer expert advice throughout the process to ensure a successful outcome; from pre-sales through implementation, roll-out and post-sales.

Cutting-edge technology that’s within reach

Cutting-edge technology that’s within reach:

We bring you cutting-edge technology solutions in cybersecurity and IT. Trusted products that add value to your offering and differentiate you from your competitors.

First-line technical support

First-line technical support:

The initial stages of technology implementation requires expert technical advice. Lidera offers you this service throughout the whole process, up until the final integration; continuously alerting us to any future incidents.

Cost-effective solutions and business opportunities

Cost-effective solutions and business opportunities:

Cost-efficiency obtained directly from attractive business margins or obtained indirectly through services powered by technology. In addition, we help you to generate new business opportunities through the development of business plans and joint marketing, as well as through opportunities created by our vendors.

Continuous expert advice

Continuous expert advice:

Having extensive knowledge of our vendors’ market allows us to offer sound advice on technologies. It also allows us to present a comparative analysis between the different solutions so that you can choose the solution that best fits your needs. We advise you throughout the sales cycle to ensure you obtain maximum cost-effectiveness, and that you can tackle every project successfully.

Adapting marketing models

Adapting marketing models:

We have the ability to adapt the vendor’s marketing models to match your own or those of your customer.

Financing services and flexible licensing

Financing services and flexible licensing:

Leave it up to us to sort out the financing and licensing requirements of your IT projects. We facilitate the invoicing process, payments and licensing of technologies.

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