Cookies Policy

Lidera Network, S.L. provides information regarding the use of cookies on its website,

A cookie is a small amount of data, sent to the user’s browser from a website, that can be stored on the user’s computer. Cookies play an essential role in providing services within the information community. Cookies allow a website to store and recover information about the user’s browsing habits. Based on the information it receives it can then be used to identify the user and improve the browsing experience.

Types of cookies
Based on the length of time they remain active:
Session cookies: Session cookies are designed to collect and store data while a user is accessing a web page.
Persistent cookies: Persistent cookies store data on the hard disk and can be accessed for a finite period of time by the owner of the cookie.

Based on ownership:
First-party cookies: First-party cookies belong to Lidera Network, S.L.
Third-party cookies: Third-party cookies belong to third parties, who are also responsible for the data they collect.

Based on use:
Technical cookies and/or personalized cookies: These cookies are intended to improve the browser experience, locate incidents, recognize users, etc.
Cookies used for analytics and/or advertising: These cookies are used to analyze information about the user’s browser usage and provide advertising based on this information, whether generic or personalized.

Cookies used on the website.
Next, we will identify the cookies that are being used on this portal, as well as their type and function:
The web page uses Google Analytics, a website analysis tool developed by Google, which allows for the monitoring and analysis of browsing on the web pages. On your web browser you can see various cookies from this service: Based on the above description, they are first-party session cookies used for analytics purposes.

Through web analytics, information can be obtained about the volume of traffic on a site, the number of pages visited, the frequency and repetition of visits, the length of time a user stays on a site, the type of browser used, the service provider, the type of computer, or the location of its IP address. It collects information that allows us to provide a better browsing experience on our website.

How to manage cookies
By using this website, you agree to the placement of cookies on your device, as has been detailed above. Nevertheless, you can control and manage cookies in different ways. Remember that if you choose not to receive our cookies it may affect your browser experience, and some parts of our website may cease to be available.

Browser control
Most web browsers allow you to see which cookies have been installed and give you the option to delete selected cookies, or block cookies from all, or specific websites. You should be aware that any preferences will be lost if you delete cookies. This includes where you have opted out of cookies as this requires an opt-out cookie to be set.

Managing analytics cookies
It is possible to opt out of having your anonymized browsing activity within websites recorded by analytics cookies. We use the following service providers. If you would like to know more about their privacy policy and find out how to delete their cookies, please visit their website:
Google Analytics:

Accepting our cookies policy assumes that you accept the use of cookies on their website. However, to make sure you are informed, you can find information on our cookie policy on every page of the website at the start of each session.

Most web browsers can be configured to not accept cookies, to notify you each time it receives a new cookie and to deactivate them completely. To control how the information is used, you can configure your web browser to suit your needs. However, you should be aware that if you deactivate technical or functionality cookies we cannot guarantee that your experience will be as fulfilling as it would otherwise be, and the site won’t be able to recognize your ID.