Lidera announces an agreement with Armis to supply its visibility and cybersecurity solution in Spain and Portugal.

This agreement allows both companies to provide their customers with complete visibility of their assets and enhanced security protection

Armis, the leader in unified asset visibility and security, and Lidera, a leading company in the cybersecurity sector with more than 20 years of experience, have announced a strategic agreement to offer companies in Spain and Portugal, the opportunity to increase their asset visibility, threat detection and security across their ecosystems.

This strategic partnership with Armis allows Lidera to expand its current offering to provide 100% complete and real-time visibility of all devices, both managed and unmanaged, connected to the company’s network.

The agreement responds to new digital transformation trends, and the growing convergence of information technology (IT) and the internet of things (IoT) in industrial, medical and office environments. To protect these complex technology ecosystems, the Armis platform provides a comprehensive inventory of all devices connected to the enterprise network, continuous monitoring of their behavior and secures them against threats.

According to José Carlos Jimeno, Sales Director at Lidera: “Today, virtually all companies, especially in the industrial sector, use network-connected devices for their day-to-day activities. Many sectors have managed to automate processes and optimize their value chain thanks to sensors, small automatons and the processing of huge amounts of data. The problem is that the more smart devices we have, the larger the attack surface that is exposed to cyber-attacks. IOT-focused cybersecurity is crucial to improving the overall level of cybersecurity. The incorporation of Armis to our portfolio will cover with total guarantee of success the so much demanded area focused on the securization of the M-IOT world”

For Dámaso Ramos, CTO of Lidera “This has been one of the fastest negotiations I have experienced with a manufacturer. We immediately understood the synergies that existed between both companies. On our side we understand that the technology is absolutely differential with an almost infinite data lake of devices and the people who have taken over the manufacturer locally are of our absolute confidence. If we put technology and people in the same cocktail shaker, this relationship can only end in success.”

“Nowadays, one of the great challenges faced by companies is protecting increasingly complex hybrid technology ecosystems, over which many organizations have little visibility or knowledge of how to manage. The agreement signed between these two major cybersecurity companies, Lidera and Armis, allows organizations in Spain and Portugal to obtain 100% complete and real-time visibility of all assets and devices, detecting threats with a high degree of accuracy and protecting their infrastructure. At the core of the Armis platform is our cloud-based device knowledgebase, one of the largest in the world, tracking more than two billion devices. Through it, Armis understands not only what the device is and how it behaves, but also how it should behave in the specific context and environment.”, said Vesku Turtia, Armis Regional Director for Iberia.

For Rocio Vaquero, Partner Business Manager for Iberia and Italy this partnership represents“getting closer to companies that can really benefit from our platform by offering them complete visibility and reinforced security protection.” She adds, “Lidera’s extensive experience, with more than 20 years in the security sector together with its strong sales leadership, make the company the ideal partner for our opening to the Iberian market”.

The partnership between Armis and Lidera will provide greater value to customers looking to consolidate the security of their connected and IoT devices, including IoMT, ICS and OT devices. Lidera thus adds Armis’ security platform to its offering, marketing across the Iberian Peninsula to its MSP, Value Added Reseller and ISP customer base.

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