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Arista offers state-of-the-art WiFi solutions. Arista is the global leader in secure Cloud WiFi architecture, designed for the corporate sector and with great potential in vertical markets, such as education, hotels, businesses, etc.

Arista’s architecture offers centralized cloud management of WiFi networks which are completely multi-tenant, massively scalable and easy to use. Arista’s Cloud WiFi platform is easy to deploy and is simple and intuitive to manage. It harnesses advanced technologies such as the power of the cloud, big data analytics and automation that allows the system administrator to monitor user access, activities, etc.

The Arista cloud platform provides a detailed analysis of up to 300 session indicators, which allows you to know, in real time, the geographical location of your users, user number by location, time zone, etc. Thereby opening WiFi access to a multitude of use cases through the analytics of the generated data.

Lidera, Arista solutions distributor

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