20 years of experience in rolling out successful projects in the market

About us

Lidera, a market leader in cybersecurity with 20 years of experience and more than 2,500 annual operations, offers the distribution of innovative technology to service providers, telecommunications companies and IT suppliers in all sectors. Completely committed and adapted to the needs of each case, Lidera accelerates the adoption of the technology of the vendors that they represent.

Lidera is an expert in the Iberian market, where it has its own offices and teams that have developed projects with a high degree of partner satisfaction. With a team of 50 proactive, certified and experienced individuals, Lidera offers continuous guidance and world-class service that is both flexible and adapted to ensure that all projects are executed successfully.

Lidera, your partner beyond distribution.

Our team, more than just technology

Our people make the difference. The IT revolution has been nothing short of impressive, but it’s the individuals who remain the most important factor; making sure that things work, they are our most valuable asset, adding innovation through their expertise and dedication to excellence.

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