Consulting Technology Distributor

We proactively support and rigorously guide all our partners, transforming technologies according to their needs. We create business opportunities and establish and provide technical support throughout the whole sales cycle and deployment of the technology.

With more than 12,000 annual operations and 20 years of experience in the Iberian markets, we are your preferred technology partner. We offer you a custom-built distribution service, continuous assessment and flexible world-class service to successfully position your technology solutions in the marketplace.

Your partner beyond distribution. Cybersecurity & ICT.

One single representative for all of your technology needs

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Flexible services that enhance and maximize the value of the products

We stay with you throughout the entire sales process.

We deliver fast and agile solutions to meet your needs and we offer innovative technology distribution that’s aimed at individual customer needs as well as at the needs of each vendor.

Soporte técnico profesional
Technical support with qualified and certified professionals
Formación continua
Continuous training throughout the product life cycle
Desarrollo de negocio y generación de demanda
Business development, generating great demand and opening markets
Financiación flexible
Financing options and administrative support that’s both flexible and tailor-made

Plataforma de servicios gestionados

Managed Services Platform

Do you want to manage the solutions you sell from one touch-point adapted to your needs?

We have the solution

The trust of our partners, our ultimate guarantee

Our greatest endorsement is our partnerships with leader technology companies and the trust our customers have placed in us over the years. We build solid and long-lasting relationships, backed up by our team of qualified and proactive professionals who tackle every project to get the best results.


Lidera’s commitment and professionalism exceeded our expectations. We found Lidera an indispensable partner for launching our startup in Latin America and the Iberian Peninsula and for implementing a business model through our partners.


Lidera has played a key role in positioning McAfee in the local market with one single partner. They simplified the whole process of personalizing the offer and accessing all the distribution channels and service providers.

SMB Provider

Lidera has given us the opportunity to offer state-of-the-art solutions to SME’s and households. Their purchasing app and their client and product management platform allows us to provide a better service to our customers.

Enterprise provider

When you integrate new technologies in a service project you need a lot of product support and technical know-how to be able to do it successfully and achieve your objectives. Lidera is much more than just a wholesaler and they allow us to maintain our focus on the service we provide to our customers.

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